Secure Remote Access to Mac Desktops

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 25 Oct 2011 06:50:00 GMT

According to recent statistics, telecommuting roles are expected to increase by 65 percent by 2012. Additionally, numerous studies continue to confirm the importance of flexible hours and workplaces in today's economy. Simply put, organizations today are looking to provide employees with flexibility via anytime, anywhere secure remote access. Those who can benefit include employees on business trips and sales representatives or service personnel who are required to work off-site. Many enterprises also want or need to integrate customers or partners into their corporate networks in order to ensure faster and improved service performance.

Although Windows-based computers make up the largest portion of the overall PC market, the consistent growth of Macs can't be ignored. Per new NPD data cited by Barclays Capital, Mac sales grew by 26 percent in the United States in July, a healthy surge, compared with PCs, which saw only a four percent rise in unit sales that same month. From graphic artists to office employees, there is clearly a need for businesses to securely and remotely access Macs on the road or at home. Another issue is security. Since many agencies utilize freelancers, data protection is paramount. With secure remote access, all data is safely and centrally stored on company networks. One technology solution meeting this business need is HOB MacGate.

With HOB MacGate, an employee can access his or her company's Mac from any remote computer (for example, from the employee's own personal Mac). Once logged in, users see the desktop of the remote system on the client computer, and can work with it as if they were in the company.

A great advantage of HOB MacGate is that users need not install any software on the client. A remote desktop session to the Mac is launched seamlessly through a Web browser. In addition, access to Macs is possible from any client platform including Windows, Linux or even from another Mac. Moreover, in contrast to other desktop-on-demand solutions, HOB MacGate includes a “hidden screen-mode”, i.e. the screen of the remote computer displays the login screen, preventing people in the company from reading along. HOB MacGate is powered by the company’s HOB Remote Desktop VPN.

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