HOB WebSecureProxy Stress Test - 100,000 Concurrent Sessions

Posted by hob Mon, 22 Feb 2016 16:47:00 GMT

Recently, HOB succesfully tested the operation of 100,000 concurrent RDP sessions with the highly performant and Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified HOB WebSecureProxy (= WSP). The WSP is part of the highly secure and comprehensive SSL Remote Access Suite HOB RD VPN.

Description Of The Test Arrangement: Test makes use of 3 machines (equal hardware – Power edge R930 – list price: 91.327€ per Server). Operating system on all machines: Linux - Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 64-bit).

The WSP has 2 network adapters in separate networks. The other 2 machines are connected to the WSP via 10Gbit Ethernet.

WSP Test 100.000 Sessions 1

To setup 100.000 sessions via WSP, test tools xbttcp95 & xbttcp23 were used. xbbttcp95 establishes an SSL connection to WSP and sends test data which are forwarded to the test server xbttcp23. The amount of data sent in every connection are typical for an RDP connection. Each instance of xbttc95/23 made 500 connections (so 200 instances of each tool are started). For load-balancing reasons, 100 instances of both tools are started on both machines called „Server/Client“.

WSP Test 100.000 Sessions 2

After all 100.000 sessions are running, network thruput is measeured on WSP machine using nload is meassured. Additional „real“ RDP connection is set up using JWT 3.3 to a Windows 2012R2 terminal server to get an subjective impression of performance.

Test Results
100.000 were setup successfully and running for several hours. Network thruput was 3.3 Gbit/s. Using real RDP connection it was possible to login and work on terminal server in an acceptable manner.

Additional Notes
Cipher suite used in test AES256_SHA256. There was no significant difference of the thruput when AES-NI was enabled or disabled.

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